About the Conference

This will be the best Climate Conference of the year!

Environmental Education & Lifelong Learning 2024, Ontario, Canada

The Pan African Centre for Climate Policy (PACC Policy) is excited to announce its upcoming EELL Conference in 2024. After the success of our previous conference in October 2023, we are eager to gather experts, advocates, and stakeholders for 2nd Edition Conference. The focus of this conference will be on “Indigenous Knowledge and Approach” in the context of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability.

The key objectives of this conference will be to celebrate indigenous knowledge, Integrate Indigenous knowledge into modern climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, promote cultural resilience and encourage partnerships and collaboration between indigenous communities, policymakers, scientists, NGOs, and the private sector.

The conference will feature a mix of plenary sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and cultural showcases. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with indigenous representatives, climate experts, and community leaders. Possible field visits to indigenous communities practising sustainable techniques will also be organized to provide practical insights.

We hope that the conference will have the following impact on the participants: Increased awareness in climate change adaptation and mitigation, facilitate the sharing of indigenous wisdom, best practices, and case studies with a broader audience; provide Policy insights for policymakers and organizations on how to integrate indigenous knowledge into climate policies and strategies, Promote the preservation of indigenous cultures and traditions while addressing environmental challenges and finally foster partnerships and collaborations between indigenous communities, policymakers, researchers, and NGOs for more effective climate action.

In conclusion, EELL 2024 conference on “Indigenous Knowledge and Approach” promises to be a platform for learning, collaboration, and the celebration of the profound knowledge of indigenous communities. We are inviting all stakeholders, indigenous representatives, and climate enthusiasts to join us in exploring how the integration of indigenous knowledge can lead to a more resilient and sustainable future.

The conference will not only enrich our understanding of climate change but also celebrate the cultural diversity and knowledge of indigenous communities in preserving the environment. Together, we can bridge traditional knowledge with modern solutions for climate resilience.

Our Organizers

Pan African Centre for Climate Policy (PACC POLICY) is a team of self-motivated climate solutions enthusiasts from diverse professional backgrounds with a strong affinity to advocate, preserve and conserve the African environment through systematic thinking while working in line with national policies and international framework on climate change. PACCPOLICY believes in working with community-based organizations, government and non-governmental organizations, private practitioners, environmental rights groups and individual planners to prioritize and plan for adaptive measures and interventions within an international framework. Our integrated approach lies on the premise that climate change affects all sectors (health, tourism and development, gender and culture, housing, agro ecological, town and country planning). Given that nearly two thirds of those earning less than $1.25 a day in developing nations across Africa make a living from agriculture – an industry directly affected by climate change – rural communities will be one of our key focus for our social intervention initiatives.

Global Cultural Adventurers (GCA) is an international education and culture exchange organization dedicated to assisting Chinese university students to take part in internship, volunteer and education programs overseas.

Through the deep integration of international scientific research and education as well as social and cultural resources, CA created a whole process covered operation and mode that meet the needs of Chinese university students and teachers, target to develop the international resources, independently develop the scientific research/teaching/practice institution, the host family and the local guide management and design international exchange programs for Chinese university students and teachers.

Institute of International Exchange is an international non-governmental and non-profit organization. We hope to build an equal and friendly platform for exchanges and cooperation around the world.

We participate in and advocate the importance of exchanges in today’s society, including but not limited to the economy, education, energy and sustainable development, culture and arts, social security and many other fields. We promote the all-round development of global communication through various studies and conferences.

We focus on the professional development of our members and provide them with international support and projects, so that more people can participate in the organization and strive for the common welfare of human society.

Our Partners